Monday, June 28, 2010

Back Pain removal exercises

I sits on computer chair for almost 14 hours(even more than that) which causes lower back pain. Back pain is one of those buggy health problems which will not hurt much to go to doctor but will keep on bothering you. So may be you can follow some of these Back Pain removal exercises. Do not over do them though if you feel it is hurting you.

· Exercises for lower back pain helps you to get relief from lower back pain problem
· They keeps you healthy
· They also help in quick recovery
· They strengthen your body muscles
· They make your muscles stronger which helps your spine. Healthy muscles help in reducing strain on the spine, which is necessary to prevent spinal disc injury.

You can take up different exercises. These exercises help in various ways to reduce the back pain. These exercises for lower back pain also help to eliminate lower back pain.

1. Aerobic exercise – Aerobic exercise are very much beneficial in case of lower back pain. Aerobic exercises for lower back pain will relieve you from the lower back pain that you are suffering from. It will also add other benefits like improving your heart function, keeping you fit, conditioning muscles etc.

Swimming, walking and such other aerobic exercises help in maintaining a healthy body and keep the problem of back pain at bay.

2. Strengthening exercises- These strengthening exercises for lower back pain will help you to get relief for a longer time and for future. They will also help you in strengthening your body and its parts like leg, back, stomach etc by strengthening the muscles.

3. Stretching exercises – These exercises helps in making your body flexible. When you practice these exercises, then you will find that your muscles become more flexible and they are offering you better support. You will also find that along with relieving you from back pain, they also make you less prone to injuries and help you recover faster.

Some of the Exercises for lower back pain are

Ankle Pumps – Lie down on your bed or on a plain surface. Slowly move your ankles up and down. Repeat the process.

Heel Slides – Lie on a plain surface. Now bend your knees first and then again straighten them. Repeat the process.

Wall Squats – You will need a wall for this exercise. Now, lean on the wall with your back. Move your feet a few inches to the front. Now you have space to bend your knees while your back still touches the wall. Keeping your abdominal muscles tight, you have to bend your knees slowly. Let your back come down little. Hold in that position for 10 seconds. Then again straighten your knees. Repeat the process.

Straight Leg Raises – Lie on a plain surface or on your bed. Now bend one of your legs. Slowly lift the straight leg up while still bending the other. Keep your leg in that position for 10 seconds. Then lower the leg. Repeat it. Once done, repeat the process with the other leg.

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